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A straight stairlift is designed to go up a single flight of stairs to the next landing above. It doesn’t curve around corners or rise at an angle and is a more straightforward product to install.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2024

1 Minute Breakdown For Straight Stairlifts

Welcome to our Straight Stairlifts Guide! Simplify your journey to enhanced mobility with insights into straight stairlifts. Discover the streamlined solutions for straightforward staircase designs, exploring factors like installation, features, and affordability. Make informed decisions to achieve accessibility without compromise with this brief overview.

There are lots of things to know about straight stairlifts. You may find it difficult to reach the next step. Buying and installing a stairlift in your home is safer for you or your loved one. There are different kinds of stairlifts. Another type of stairlift design is the curved stairlift, similar to straight stairlifts. These stairlifts go upstairs and then can curve around to match the stairs’ trajectory.

Straight Stairlift Key Information

  • Straight Stairlift Basics: Straight stairlifts are designed for single flights of stairs without curves or angles. They are fitted to the side rail, usually powered by a battery, and feature adjustable chairs for a customized fit.
  • Affordability and Options: Straight stairlifts are a cost-effective choice compared to curved models.
  • Various features, such as swivel seats and safety sensors, are available, catering to different needs and budgets.
  • Installation and Alternatives: Getting a straight stairlift is a straightforward process, involving a home survey and installation appointment. Alternatives like platform lifts and home elevators offer different solutions, each with unique features and considerations.

What Is A Straight Stairlift?

Straight stairlift tracks are only made for continuous movement and no bends. Straight stairlifts fit those where the stairlift will travel only on a single straight line and have no interruption from landing turns.

How Do Straight Stairlifts Operate?

The straight stairlift is fitted to the side rail on the stairs. In most cases, the equipment is powered by a battery. This has a charging station near the foot of the stairs. The stairlift must be plugged in to keep charging in between uses. There is a recharging time should the battery run too low, so ensuring it’s always charging is the best plan.

A chair is fixed to the stairlift that is easy to sit down on. It is adjustable to get the fit right for you. The ascent or descent is controlled using either a remote control, a control panel on the chair or a joystick to point the direction you wish to travel. It’s a straightforward system to operate.

Dos and Don’ts for Straight Stairlifts


  • Measure Accurately: Take precise measurements of your straight staircase to ensure a proper fit for the stairlift.
  • Research Reliable Providers: Look for reputable manufacturers or suppliers with a track record of providing quality straight stairlifts.
  • Ask for Written Quotes: Request quotes that clearly outline all costs associated with purchasing, installing, and maintaining the straight stairlift.
  • Consider Comfort Features: Explore straight stairlift models with adjustable seats, swivel options, and easy-to-use controls for added comfort.
  • Check Warranty Coverage: Ensure that the straight stairlift has a comprehensive warranty covering the equipment and installation.
  • Inquire about Maintenance Plans: Ask about available maintenance plans to keep the straight stairlift in good working condition over time.


  • Overlook Safety Features: Don’t compromise on safety. Ensure the straight stairlift has safety features like sensors, seat belts, and emergency stop buttons.
  • Assume Standardization: Avoid assuming that all straight stairlifts are the same. While they are designed for straight staircases, features and specifications vary.
  • Ignore Customer Reviews: Remember feedback from other customers. Customer reviews and testimonials can offer valuable insights into the reliability and satisfaction of a particular straight stairlift provider.
  • Neglect Professional Installation: Avoid attempting to install a straight stairlift yourself. Professional installation is crucial for safety and proper functionality.
  • Forget to Consider Future Needs: Consider potential changes in mobility and future needs. Select a straight stairlift that can accommodate any evolving requirements.
  • Disregard Energy Efficiency: Pay attention to the energy efficiency of the straight stairlift. Opt for models that consume minimal power for long-term cost savings.

When choosing a straight stairlift, prioritise accuracy, safety, and comfort to ensure an effective and reliable solution for your staircase.

Is There An Alternative To a Stairlift?

How many alternate options are there if a stairlift is not for you? There are plenty of alternatives for stairlifts. Alternate stairlift models are simple but very affordable.

The latter solutions require much more storage. Platform lifts are typically used in public buildings because they take much room in the steps.

Is a Straight Stairlift Expensive?

A straight stairlift is a less expensive option; a curved stairlift can be more expensive due to its custom fit to suit a curved staircase. There isn’t a standard for curved staircase, unlike straight staircases- this is why they typically can cost a bit extra.. With a straight staircase, it just goes straight up.

The run length is different depending on the height level of the second floor, but otherwise, one fitting isn’t that much different from another one with straight stairlifts. If you look at stairlift prices, you will see that stairlifts are not overly expensive, and there are several brands and products to choose from to get the best deal.

How To Get a Straight Stairlift?

When you have decided that you’re interested in purchasing a straight stairlift and getting one fitted in your UK home, the next step is to get a quote. When requesting a quote, the chosen stairlift company, such as Age UK Stairlifts, will come to your home to take measurements for your straight stairlift.

They will then guide you on the cost of installing a stairlift of your choosing. 

Once you’ve decided, it’s just a matter of booking an appointment for the fitters to come and fit the straight stairlift, and you’ll be riding up and down the stairs in no time.

Arranging a straight stairlift installation in the UK is easy to do. The companies who make the systems are used to helping less mobile people get better use out of their multi-storey homes.

Affordable and Comfortable Stairlifts For Straight Staircases

Many standard stairlift designs feature padded seats as standard. Regardless of your budget, you can build the stairlift you require around your needs and budget. If you cannot afford new stairlifts, there are used stairlifts available.

Stairlifts are thoroughly checked and entirely restored before the sale to provide a straightforward repair service and ensure safety and comfort during your journey. 

A Straight Stairlift Takes You Effortlessly Up And Down Stairs

The upper floors of your home will become part of your home again with your new stairlift. It means your home could become like a new, safer home. Get a free quote or request a brochure from a stairlift company to see what type of stairlift you like.

Features Of A Straight Stairlift

Straight stairlifts are made up of many different components. Here is a breakdown of what a stairlift is made up of:

  • Rail
  • Power source
  • Seat
  • Footrest
  • Motor 
  • Transmission
  • Controls

How Do I Know If the Straight Stairlift Will Fit In My Home?

A straight stairlift is designed to fit many different staircases. A team of people who come to install the stairlift will ensure you get the correct stairlift that fits your stairs.

Are Your Stairs Suitable For Straight Stairlifts?

That’s right, mostly. It’s possible to have one with a stairlift on almost all straight staircases. It is best to request a free home survey first to check if your home is eligible.

Stairlifts For Straight Staircases

Do you have a straight staircase? This means you have no corners and go straight up from the ground floor to the second level. Straight stairlifts are far cheaper than curved stairlifts and are a more cost-effective solution.

What To Remember When Looking At A UK Straight Stairlift

If you have straight stairs then you can get a stairlift installed in your home. The rail will be attached to the stairs and not the wall. They will travel in straight lines. Some can come with swivel seats that make for getting on and off quick and easy. Additional features can be safety sensors, powered foot plates and powered hinged tracks and many other features. There is a fantastic range to pick from and you can get a free home survey. Be sure to get a quote and get further information. Also if you have curved staircases then don’t feel left out, you can get a curved stairlift.

What Can A Straight Stair Lift Do?

A straight stair lift (sometimes called a straight chair lift) is a motorised device designed to help individuals with mobility issues move up and down straight stairs. Here are some of the things that a straight stair lift can do:

  • Give people with movement problems a handy and secure method to climb steps in their houses.
  • Allow individuals to remain in their homes and remain independent, even if they have difficulty using stairs.
  • Be installed quickly and easily, without major modifications to the home.
  • Be customised to fit the specific dimensions of the staircase, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride.
  • Include safety features like stops that stop the hoist from moving if there is an issue and sensors that identify obstacles on the track.
  • Be operated by a simple hand-held controller that the user or a caregiver can use.
  • Be powered by a rechargeable battery or a direct connection to a power source.
  • Be available in various styles and designs to suit different preferences and needs.

Overall, by giving people with movement problems a secure and practical method to use the steps in their houses, a straight stair lift can greatly enhance their quality of life.

Looking For A Stair Lift Alternative UK?

If you are looking for a stair lift alternative in the UK, there are several options to consider:

  • Home Elevator: A home elevator is a permanent solution that can provide access to multiple levels of a home. It can be customised to fit a variety of home designs and can accommodate wheelchair users.
  • Platform Lift: With the help of a platform lift, a person in a wheelchair or scooter can be transported up and down a straight or sloping stairway. You can install it indoors or outdoors and customise it to fit the specific dimensions of the staircase.
  • Inclined Platform Lift: Similar to a platform lift, a platform lift runs on a track that parallels the stairs. It can be customised to fit straight or curved staircases and accommodate a person in a wheelchair or scooter.
  • Through-Floor Lift: A through-floor lift is a motorised device that can move a person between two levels of a home without needing a stairwell. You can install it in a variety of locations, and it can accommodate a wheelchair user.
  • Step Lift: A step lift is a motorised device that you can install in place of a few steps to provide accessibility to a single level of a home. It can be customised to fit the specific dimensions of the staircase.

It is important to carefully consider your needs and preferences and each alternative’s specific features and limitations before deciding.

Comparison Table: Straight Stairlifts

Type of Stairlift Price    Features Installation Process
Straight Stairlift Starting from £1000 – £3000 Fixed chair, remote/joystick control, battery-powered Home survey, measurement, and fitting
Alternate Stairlift Models Starting from £700 Simple, affordable design Measurement, fitting
Platform Lifts Starting from £10,000 Used in public buildings, takes more room in steps Custom design, installation, and fitting

Note: The prices are approximate starting prices and may vary based on specific needs and features. It is recommended to obtain a free quote from multiple companies to compare prices and find the most cost-effective solution. Also, the installation process may take longer for the more complex designs and features.

Straight FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on striaght stairlifts.

How Much Does A Straight Stairlift Cost?

Spending between £1,500 to <£5,000 on a stairlift for a straight flight of steps is possible. They are used or brand-new. The total cost will depend on factors such as the staircase’s length, the chosen model, and other amenities (such as a folding rail or motorised swivel seat).

Can You Convert A Straight Stairlift To A Curved Stairlift

You can install a straight stairlift only on stairs with a rail that runs straight. You’ll need a stairlift with a curved rail if your staircase has a landing or twists and turns. No one-size-fits-all solution exists for stairlifts since no two sets of stairs are identical.

How Long To Install A Straight Stairlift

Two to three hours is the typical time required to install a straight stairlift, inside or outside. In some cases, the dealer’s technician may deliver the rail to your home fully sized for your stairs, but in other cases, they may wish to measure your staircase exactly and then cut the rail to fit in your yard before installing it.

How Do You Fit A Straight Stairlift?

The safety of the stairs is a major concern for many individuals considering installing a stairlift to make their house more accessible. The rail for a stairlift is mounted on a track, which is then fastened to wall-mounted brackets. 

They use two to five screws to secure the brackets to the stair treads (per bracket). The stairs’ bannister and upper and lower walls are protected this way. Generally, stairlifts are installed at a respectful distance from the wall or bannister to prevent any accidental scrapes or scratches.