Dolphin Stairlifts Review

Dolphin Mobility is a nationwide group of stairlift suppliers with branches throughout the UK. Here is an in-depth review of Dolphin Stairlifts.


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Dolphin Stairlifts Key Information

  • Dolphin Stairlifts is an approved dealer offering a variety of stairlift brands, including both new and reconditioned options, such as Stannah and MediTek, ensuring quality and choice for customers.
  • With a focus on excellent customer service, Dolphin Stairlifts goes beyond traditional offerings, providing unique services like rental and free removal of purchased stairlifts, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Dolphin Stairlifts prioritizes safety and usability, offering adjustable seats, emergency sensors, and thorough safety testing on each model. Their professional service, extensive range, and local branches make them a leading choice for stairlift solutions in the UK.

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Dolphin is an approved dealer, supplying a range of stairlifts to suit every client’s home. They also offer a rental service. This is for those who may need assistance with a stairlift for a short period. Reviews for Dolphin have been good, so we thought we’d look at them ourselves.

Dolphin Stairlifts Style And Design

Dolphin Stairlifts sell a range of different stairlifts. They offer styles that can fit almost every type of staircase, including steep, curved and narrow stairs.

They are offering both new and reconditioned Stannah Stairlifts. They can help suggest an appropriate model based on a customer’s needs and price budget.

Dolphin Stairlifts Excellent Customer Service

Of course, having an appropriate comfortable stairlift is only part of the story.

Stairlifts can, unfortunately, break. You want a company that will be on call out and put the customers’ needs first at all times.

Dolphin offers services other stairlift companies don’t, such as rental and free removal.

If a stairlift has been bought from Dolphin, they will remove it free of charge. This will save you the hassle of waiting to have the cash to get an unwanted stairlift out of your way.

They may also purchase second-hand stairlifts still in good working order to refurbish and sell.

Dolphin Stairlifts Quality

With Dolphin offering a range of high-quality stairlift brands from MediTek to Stannah, there is no question of quality.

They only offer high-range items, and according to customer reviews, the quality of fittings and call-outs is excellent.

A full warranty and call-out service back the reconditioned models.

Dolphin Stairlifts Features

Each stairlift offers different features, depending on the model. Dolphin offers many stairlifts with varying features as they provide a wide range of models.

The seats are all adjustable to make the journey as comfortable and ergonomically friendly as possible.

They are all fitted with sensors to detect an emergency. The chair will stop, with the customers’ safety paramount in each design.

Dolphin Stairlifts Safety And Usability

Each component of the stairlift is easily accessible whilst on and off the chair and made for easy use- even for those with sight and mobility impairments.

When fitted, the engineer will ensure you are comfortable in the stairlift by adjusting the back and heights accordingly. They will also provide you with the know-how to use the stairlift before leaving.

Each stairlift has been thoroughly safety tested and comes with a full warranty.

Dolphin Stairlifts Are An Extremely Helpful Company

Dolphin Stairlifts are always happy to help with their local branches. With their professional service, you can buy a curved stairlift, straight stairlift, and any other stairlift you may need. Dolphin Mobility is happy to help.

The Competition Of Dolphin Stairlifts

There are many reasons why Dolphin is one of the UK’s best-approved dealers for stairlifts, as they have excellent customer service and many offers that other companies do not. They offer stairlifts for various staircases and from a range of trusted brands, and with branches around the UK, they are accessible to every customer.

Selling A Dolphin Stairlift

Dolphin Stairlifts are a reseller, so you should note that the brand name will be different if you buy from them when you are looking to sell the stairlift after. You should check what that is called and then look it up.

Dolphin Stairlifts FAQs

What Are Dolphin Stairlifts' Prices?

The best way to find dolphin stairlifts’ prices is to get a free quote, as each stairlift will cost different prices. Prices can start from £1,000 to as high as £5,000 or more.

How Long Do Dolphin Stairlifts Take To Install

A new stairlift can be up and operating in as little as half a day. 

How Long Do Dolphin Stairlift Batteries Last

A stairlift’s typical battery life is between two and five years.


Where Can I Sell My Dolphin Stairlift?

You can sell your Dolphin stairlift by getting a sell stairlift quote on Stairlift Guru®

Where To Buy Dolphin Stairlift Batteries

You can find Dolphin stairlift batteries through a stairlift parts vendor or if you have warranties or servicing plans, then reach out to them, and they can help replace the stairlift battery.