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UK Curved stairlifts are built with a bend in the rail to pass around the curves. Whether you have a slight corner bend or a complete spiral staircase, one can be designed especially for you.

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Last Updated on June 14, 2024

1 Minute Breakdown For Curved Stairlifts

Welcome to our Curved Stairlifts Guide! Uncover the tailored solutions for navigating unique staircase designs. Explore the benefits of curved stairlifts and understand key factors influencing their installation, such as customisation and space requirements. Make informed decisions to enhance accessibility in your home with this concise overview.

If you’re unsure what type of stairlift you’ll need, you must assess your stairs quickly. You can do this yourself before you get a stairlift quote.

Do your stairs go straight up? You’ll be fine with a straight stairlift! Does your staircase have a landing in the middle? Then two stairlifts could be mounted to go up either way. This will require you to get off and change over.

You need a curved stairlift if your stairs bend around a corner or have curves. Contact a professional to assess it for you. Here are a few key things you’ll need to know for those ready to buy a curved stairlift.


Curved Stairlift Key Information

  • Tailored Curved Mobility: UK Curved stairlifts are custom-made to fit staircases with bends or curves, providing a convenient and efficient solution for individuals with complex staircase layouts.
  • Operational Mechanism: Curved stairlifts function through a bespoke curved rail system, accommodating the specific design of your stairs.
  • They feature an adjustable chair and control options, ensuring a smooth and controlled operation. Cost and Installation: While the average cost of a curved stairlift is around £5000, prices can range from £3000 to £6000 based on customization and additional features. Installation involves measuring, designing, and fitting, with the complexity of the staircase affecting both time and cost.

How Do Curved Stairlifts Work?

Stairlifts include a custom-made curved rail system to make it easier to get on and off the ground level. The rail system must be sized to match your stairs for an exact measurement. 

Curved stairlifts operate via a made-to-fit curved rail fitted directly onto the staircase. Most of the time, Curved Stairlifts are powered by a battery connected to the mains to charge. There will be a charging point at the bottom and top of your stairs. This means that you don’t need to worry about charging it. Make sure your stairlifts are still loaded and properly plugged in.

You won’t need to worry about damaging the stairlift or waiting before it recharges so that you can use it. You can still use it whenever you need it. There will be an adjustable chair to sit on and a remote, joystick or control panel that you can use to operate the curved stairlift.

How Much Do Curved Stairlifts Cost?

Curved stairlift charges can range from approximately £3,000 to £6,000; however, remember some have particular dimensions so that the price can determine the height of the stairs’ steps. While the prices of stairlifts are generally reasonable, stairs with twists are complex.

Because curved stairlifts need to be tailor-made, they come at a higher cost. The single rail system needs to fit your staircase exactly, which requires more work for the installer.

First, your curved staircases will need to be measured. Next, your stairlift needs to be designed and made, and finally, it needs to be fitted. As you can see, a lot of work needs to be done, and a lot of time needs to be put into the process.

This is why curved stairlifts can cost much more than straight stairlifts. One set price cannot be given, as the stairlift will be designed for you (and everyone’s curved stairs and requirements will be different).

For example, when buying a stairlift, if your curved staircase is of a fairly standard design, stairlift companies such as Dolphin Stairlifts may have a pre-made rail that they can use for your staircase. If this is the case, the cost may be slightly lower than if a new rail needs to be made.

Stairs with multiple curves may require a curved stairlift that’s harder to install. This will also increase the costs. The curved stairlift cost will also increase if you add fold-away curved rails at the top or bottom, a swivel seat or rail extensions.

The average curved stairlift cost is around £5000. The fewer requirements you need, the lower the price will be.

Dos and Don’ts for Curved Stairlifts


  • Conduct a Site Assessment: Arrange for a professional site assessment to measure and evaluate your staircase’s specific curvature and features accurately.
  • Choose Reputable Providers: Research and select reputable manufacturers or suppliers with experience designing and installing curved stairlifts.
  • Consider Customization: Explore customisation options to ensure the curved stairlift fits seamlessly into the unique layout of your staircase.
  • Ask for Written Quotes: Request detailed, written quotes that include all costs associated with the purchase, installation, and potential additional fees.
  • Check for Warranty Coverage: Ensure the curved stairlift has a comprehensive warranty covering both the equipment and installation.
  • Explore Maintenance Plans: Inquire about available maintenance plans to keep your curved stairlift in optimal working condition.


  • Neglect Professional Installation: Avoid attempting to install a curved stairlift yourself. Professional installation is crucial for the proper functioning and safety of the equipment.
  • Overlook Safety Features: Do not compromise on safety features. Ensure the curved stairlift has essential safety elements such as sensors, seat belts, and emergency stop buttons.
  • Assume One-Size-Fits-All: Don’t assume that all curved stairlifts are the same. Each staircase is unique, and a customised solution is often necessary for optimal functionality.
  • Ignore Reviews and Testimonials: Remember feedback from other customers. Reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the reliability and satisfaction of a particular curved stairlift provider.
  • Forget to Ask About Battery Backup: Inquire about battery backup options to ensure the curved stairlift remains operational during power outages, enhancing overall reliability.
  • Disregard Future Accessibility Needs: Consider potential changes in mobility and future needs. Choose a curved stairlift that can accommodate any evolving requirements.

When investing in curved stairlifts, prioritise thorough research, safety, and customisation to ensure the best solution for your unique staircase configuration.

How To Get A Curved Stairlift For A Curved Staircase

If you’re ready to buy a UK curved stairlift, it’s time to get a quote. Once you get in touch with a UK stairlift company, they will care for everything for you.

Somebody will come and visit your home to evaluate and measure your staircase. As soon as that’s done, you will get an idea of the cost. Before you know it, your home will have a new curved stairlift.

Straight Or Curved Stairlifts

A consultant can also visit your home, inspect your staircase and determine the most appropriate product for its contour. Installing a stairlift rail on the footboard and not the wall can ensure they fit both staircase directions and adjust them depending on their results.

How To Get A Curved Stairlift Quote

With Stairlift Guru, you can get a free, no-obligation quotation. All you have to do is fill out the form at the top of our page, and we can connect you with stairlift companies that offer curved stairlifts. The free stairlift quote shows how much it may cost for a curved stairlift on an individual staircase. This is because all curved stairlifts are custom-made. 

Will A Curved Stairlift Fit My Stairs?

Curved stairlifts are made to measure. You don’t need to worry about whether you’ll be able to find one that can fit your stairs.

The stairlift can be fitted on the outside or inside the bend of your stairs. It can also be equipped to run onto your landing.

Do Curved Stairlifts For Narrow Staircases?

If you have a narrow spiral staircase, you may still be able to get a stairlift to fit them. However, we recommend you get a home survey first to check that you are eligible for a narrow stairs stairlift.

Maximum Curved Rail Length

All products should be individually tested to the correct standards. Each measurement is made to fit your stairs.

Can A Stairlift Go Around Corners On Curved Stairs?

In most staircase models and sizes, you can use stairlift systems. Talk to a stairlift company to help you determine and guide the right stairlift for your staircases.

What Do You Need To Know When Looking At Curved Stairlift Prices?

A curved stair lift can fit on a whole range of stairs, including narrow stairs or spiral staircases. The stairlift installation is quick and easy, but this affects the price. Every feature or change you have will increase the cost, especially when you compare it to a straight staircase and how easy they are. What you want to check in the price is that the additional features are useful, not just gimmicks. It is best always to make sure there are safety features. You can also save money by getting a reconditioned curved stairlift. However, these can be hard to find as they have to match your stairs.

Can You Get Stair Lifts That Go Around Corners?

Yes, you can get stair lifts that turn corners, called curved stair lifts. Unlike straight stairlifts, designed to go up and down a straight staircase, curved stair lifts are custom-made to fit a staircase’s unique shape and curve.

Curved stair lifts are typically more expensive than straight stairlifts due to the custom manufacturing and installation process. The track of a curved stair lift is specifically designed to follow the exact path of the staircase, which can require more complex and time-consuming installation.

It’s crucial to work with a qualified supplier when buying a curved stair lift so they can correctly evaluate your stairs and make sure they will fit comfortably and firmly. Additionally, it’s important to consider the curved stair lift’s weight capacity, features, and warranty to ensure it meets your needs and requirements.

Comparison Curved Table

Type of Stairlift Price Features Installation Process
Curved Stairlift Starting from £3000 – £6000 Custom-made curved rail, adjustable chair, remote/joystick control Measurement, design, and fitting
Pre-made Curved Stairlift Starting from £3000 Custom-made curved rail, adjustable chair, remote/joystick control Measurement, fitting
Stairlift with Additional Features Starting from £5000 Fold-away curved rails, swivel seat, rail extensions Measurement, design, and fitting

Note: The prices are approximate starting prices and may vary based on specific needs and features. It is recommended to obtain a free quote from multiple companies to compare prices and find the most cost-effective solution. Also, the installation process may take longer for the more complex designs and features.

Curved FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on curved stairlifts.

How Much Is A Curved Stairlift

Curved Stairlifts cost £3,500 to £5,500. A stairlift will vary depending on the model selected, the available options, the user’s requirements, and the staircase’s length. Depending on the complexity of the staircase, a curved stairlift might cost upwards of £10,000. A curved stairlift will have its rail customised to the length of a staircase.

Best Stairlifts For Curved Stairs

The best stairlift for curved stairs is one that ticks all your needs. That includes the added features you may need, such as extended seat belts, wireless remote and much more. The best stairlift is the stairlift made bespoke to your needs.

Can You Rent A Curved Stairlift?

Yes, you can rent a curved stairlift. However, this may be a harder job because sometimes curved stairlifts need to be custom-made to fit your stairs. You can expect the rental cost to be more than a straight stairlift.

How Long To Install A Curved Stairlift

The installation time for a curved stairlift might range from four to five hours, depending on the length and intricacy of the stairway.

Are Straight Stairlifts Faster Than Curved Stairlifts?

Straight and curved stairlifts will travel at the same speed if they are the same model. The only difference in speed to get to the top of the stairs would be the length of the stairs as you will need to cover more distance as well as how sharp of a curve there is as it may have to slow down for sharper curves and bends.