Brooks Stairlift Reviews

Brooks Stairlifts was created in 1973 by Frederick Brooks. Here is an in-depth review of Brooks Stairlifts and what they offer.


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Brooks Stairlifts Key Information

  • Brooks Stairlifts, established in 1973, is a pioneer in the industry, known for innovative designs and a two-tone color scheme that blends seamlessly into homes.
  • Quality and durability define Brooks Stairlifts, reflected in positive reviews, a focus on safety features like adjustable seats and seat belts, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Brooks Stairlifts offers a range of products, including simple and low-cost models like the Brooks Lincoln straight stairlift, manufactured in Steeton, West Yorkshire, maintaining high standards of reliability and safety.

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

The initial design was an innovation that elderly households took to. They first marketed the product in the UK, and a new industry was born. Since then, Brooks has led the industry with new designs over the past three decades.

Brooks Stairlifts Style And Design

Brooks Stairlifts are usually created in a two-tone colour scheme. The padded seat and back are darker than the rest of the chair and equipment. The colouring helps their products blend into the background without garish hues.

Brooks Stairlifts Quality

Unsurprisingly, products like the Brooks Stairlift lead the demand for quality and durability. Brooks Stairlifts reviews are generally positive because the company has had many years in the industry.

They understand it well and know what their customers want the most. They’re not a new company still feeling their way with a product line that reflects that level of uncertainty. This gives buyers confidence in both the brand and its product quality.

Brooks Stairlifts Features

The Brooks Stairlift comes with many features. The product line includes straight stairlifts to go up a flight of stairs to the level above without turning. Also, curved stairlifts are custom-fitted to work with the curvature of the stairs as they are designed.

The wall swivel seat on Brooks Stairlifts is fully adjustable to make them more comfortable and safer. The wall swivel seat on Brooks Stairlifts is fully adjustable to make them more comfortable and safer. They have seat belts in case you find the ride a little scary!

The seat will have a lap harness and folding arms to keep you strapped in. On the arms, there will be a joystick, an armrest paddle and safety sensors to stop you from hitting something.

Brooks Stairlifts Safety And Usability

As mentioned above, safety in Brooks products’ design is paramount. The plan is oriented around safety with features like accurate adjustability and seat belts. The controls are easy to manage, too, so you don’t have to be left with your hands to control the chairs’ upwards or downward movement, which is essential when you have arthritis and find hand control more difficult.

Some stairlift models come with a wireless remote control system and safety sensors.  Some might have wired remote controls.

Brooks Stairlift Customer Service

You must remember the importance of customer service. From speaking to someone on the phone about your initial requirements to the people who visit your home to discuss the stairlift in person and take measurements for the installers – their professionalism is evident.

They have excellent customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a great indicator when looking for a stairlift company to buy from.

Brooks Stairlifts Products

Acorn, the company providing Brooks Stairlifts, received a higher-than-average rating. Their stairlift models are simple, low-cost stairlifts built with automatic rechargeable battery dc power packs. The product can weigh up to 260 pounds but can be upgraded with an additional 350 pounds if needed.

Brooks Stairlifts has a model in the open air that provides easy access to the surrounding area. Brooks Stairlifts offer standard lifts with extra services. Which is the best-rated brand?

Brooks Stairlifts Competition

Brooks has a healthy range of quality products covering different needs, like curved staircases and others for straight staircases. The features and service compare well with other stairlift manufacturers because they’ve kept up with the latest innovations and updated their product range accordingly.

Where Are Brooks Stairlifts Made?

Lifts manufactured in Steeton, West Yorkshire, are built to the same high standards of reliability and safety that the company’s founder, Fred Brooks, established when he first designed one for his wife, who suffered from respiratory troubles.

Brooks Lincoln Stairlift

Brooks Lincoln straight stairlifts are a great and simple stairlift model. You can get a new or reconditioned stairlift with efficient service, and Brooks reviews are very good. They are attached to the stairs, not the wall, and have a comfortable foot rest.

Getting A Stair Lift

To get a stairlift, you can get a free stairlift quote. Be sure to get multiple quotes from different companies, and they weigh the options before deciding. Check out our free buyer’s guide for more information.

Selling A Brooks Stairlift

Brooks stairlifts are one of the leading stairlift brands and are very common in the reconditioned stairlift market. You can sell a stairlift as easily as just getting a free stairlift quote.

Brooks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Brooks Stairlifts.

Are Brooks And Acorn Stairlifts The Same?

Stairlifts from either Acorn or Brooks are interchangeable. In addition to its retail outlets, Acorn also distributes its goods via a network of authorised dealers selling under the Brooks brand.

How Much For A Brooks Stairlift

Brooks stairlifts range from £1,000 to £5,000. This depends on the stairlift type, such as a reconditioned, curved stairlift or straight stairlift.

How To Remove A Brooks Stairlift

Removing a brooks stairlift should not be done alone; you should get a professional to do so. Get a stairlift removal quote on our website.

How Long Do Brooks Stairlift Batteries Last

A stairlift’s typical battery life is between two and five years.

Where Can I Sell My Brooks Stairlift?

You can sell your Brooks stairlift by getting a sell stairlift quote on Stairlift Guru®

Where To Buy Brooks Stairlift Batteries

You can find Brooks stairlift batteries through a stairlift parts vendor or if you have warranties or servicing plans, then reach out to them, and they can help replace the stairlift battery.