Companion Stairlifts Review

Owned by Handicare, Companion Stairlifts are one of the rising stars of the UK stairlift market.


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Compnion Stairlifts Key Information

  • Companion Stairlifts, owned by Handicare, is gaining prominence in the UK stairlift market, known for its dedicated customer assistance team and nationwide coverage for installation and maintenance.
  • The Companion Curved Stairlift stands out for its ergonomic design, fitting the exact curves of a user’s stairs, even handling tight turns and spiral staircases. It offers a stylish range of colors and upholstery services to match home decor.
  • The company focuses on quality construction, attention to detail, and thorough customer support, distinguishing itself in a competitive market.

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

A dedicated customer assistance team is on hand every day to assist you. They can help you install and maintain your stairlift systems nationwide. Companion Stairlift reviews have been promising. We wanted to share some info about them with our audience.

    Companion Stairlifts Style

    According to the company, Companion stairlifts are among the most stylish stairlifts available. They are available in a diverse palette of colours to match the décor of your home.

    They also offer an upholstery service. So, should you change your mind later, they can refit your stairlift to give it a look you want.

    Companion Stairlifts Quality

    With so many different stairlift companies operating in the UK, businesses have their work cut out in setting themselves apart from the competition. Consumers demand more from businesses when there is greater competition. So by offering services that competitors can’t, companies can seize on the market.

    Some stairlift suppliers, such as Companion, have set apart by offering extremely high-quality construction and attention to detail. Their products come with a thorough customer support service. This should give peace of mind to customers concerned about their stairlift system lifespan.

    Companion Stairlifts Features

    The stairlifts contain several features that make for a stairlift that includes everything you could want when put together. As you would expect, the seat is adjustable, but what is impressive is just how adaptable it is; it can be set to fit just about anybody. The back of the seat has been ergonomically designed to offer extra lumbar support.

    An array of safety sensors, ten in total, work together to detect any obstacles in the stairlift’s path and stop the stairlift if necessary. Not all stairlift manufacturers in the UK take safety this seriously, so it is great to see a stairlift company offering effective safety technology.

    Companion Stairlifts Safety And Usability

    The paddle switch used to operate the chair has been designed to be easy to reach. It is performed with the application of only a tiny amount of pressure. Having a switch that is easy to operate for the visually impaired or has limited ability is another indication of how seriously Companion takes the safety of its users. You can also customise the position of the controls to suit individual needs and cater to all ranges of motion.

    If necessary, you can easily extend the track beyond the top or bottom of the stairs. They also offer a power-hinged track option that allows the end of the track to be folded away when not in use. This is useful for setups where the track extends in front of a doorway.

    The Companion Curved Stairlift offers an ergonomic seat attached to a set of tracks that fits the exact curves of a user’s stairs, even for the tightest of turns; it can also handle spiral staircases.

    An ‘easy grip’ has been added that can be easily switched between the left and right armrest; this grip gives the user extra support while travelling and is useful when navigating tight turns. The Curved Stairlift features a swivel seat to ensure that the stairlift can be safely mounted and dismounted. It also has a remote control feature that allows users to park the stairlift in motion and call it to their position. They make sure their stairlifts meet European safety standards.

    Companion Stairlifts Focus On Comfort

    It offers all the features one could ask for in a stairlift. Companion has designed their stairlifts to be both comfortable and attractive. Some stairlifts clash with their environments and can even ruin the look of a room or hallway.

    The seats and footrests of Companion’s stairlifts are tailor-made for the individual user, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

    Companion Stairlifts Virtual Quote

    Coronavirus update: COVID-19 has entirely altered how they can do quotes. Companion Stairlifts can now do quotes via Facetime due to the current situation. Doing quotes virtually minimises contact and, as advised by government guidance.

    For this to happen, you need a phone which can do video calls via Facetime or Whatsapp. A virtual appointment will take you one step closer to finding out what you need to know to purchase a Companion stairlift.

    Companion Stairlifts Customer Service,

    The stairlifts themselves are only half the story; however, where Companion excels is in the level of customer service that they offer. Their engineers have a reputation for efficiency. The online reviews for the company are almost universally glowing in their praise for the members of staff that customers interacted with.

    The customer service doesn’t drop off after installation either; customer assistants are on hand every day of the year to help customers respond to any issues reported they might have. A stairlift can make a big difference to the independence of people who have arthritis. So it is essential that a supplier can do so quickly once the need to install stairlifts is identified.

    Companion fulfils this requirement by offering next-day installation for much of the UK to expand coverage in the future.

    In some cases, this means that you can enquire in the morning. A quote is given before the stairlift is installed later that day.

    Not only that, but their price match promise means that if you can find a better deal on the same model they are offering, they will match the price! That means that with Companion Stairlifts, you are guaranteed the best value, delivered in the quickest time possible, and a labour guarantee—Companion Stairlift Reviews

    Companion Stairlifts pride itself on good service. Due to the size of Companion and the time they have been around, they have an extremely high and well-earned rating from customers.

    They have gained a reputation for their excellent price, customer service, and great aftercare. They are leading to great companion stairlift reviews. You can see their Trustpilot reviews for more information and people’s recent experiences.

    Companion Stairlifts Competition

    It is easy to see why Companion Stairlifts have been getting such positive reviews compared to the competition. They are one of the largest suppliers in the UK.

    The Companion Stairlift can climb 56 degrees, putting it ahead of all but the stairlifts designed explicitly for steep inclines. It offers a digital diagnostic display that needs to be added to lower-end models, making providing efficient technical support harder.

    Its maximum weight capacity of 21 stone also puts it ahead of other big names such as the Acorn Stairlifts and the Brooks Stairlifts. Companion Stairlifts are the perfect marriage of style and function; their excellent safety features ensure peace of mind for users and their families.

    Companion Stairlifts Style

    The Companion stairlift is considered the most elegant on the market. Depending on their colour combinations, this can make them work together with the decor in your home.

    Additionally, the company offers upholstery services. If you choose, it may cause a brand-new stairlift to give that look.

    Next-day Installation

    Companion currently provides following-day installation services to specific parts of the UK. Straight stairlifts may give you an accurate plan, and install the device and operation immediately before you start (subject to survey).

    You can wrap up the whole process in less than a week. The initial consultation can happen almost straight away.

    Price Match Promise

    Companion has an agreement that is guaranteed. Also, they give the same price whenever another vendor makes a quote. So always shop around to see what the average price is.

    Selling A Companion Stairlift

    If you buy a stairlift from Companions, you will own a Handicare stairlift. When you sell your stairlift, you will be selling a Handicare stairlift. These are very popular stairlifts on the secondhand market.

    Companion Stairlifts FAQs

    Where Are Companion Stairlifts Made?

    Manufacturing of stairlifts began in the 1980s in the British city of Kingswinford, West Midlands. Companion Stairlifts is proud to provide a comprehensive selection of stairlifts to meet the demands of its customers.

    Who Owns Companion Stairlifts?

    Handicare, the company that owns Companion Stairlifts, offers distribution and installation of stairlifts across the UK.

    What Are Companion Stairlifts' Prices?

    The total price might be very different from one home to the next, depending on factors like the design of the house and the type of stairlift chosen for installation.

    How Long Do Companion Stairlift Batteries Last

    A stairlift’s typical battery life is between two and five years.

    Where Can I Sell My Companion Stairlift?

    You can sell your Companion stairlift by getting a sell stairlift quote on Stairlift Guru®

    Where To Buy Companion Stairlift Batteries

    You can find Companion stairlift batteries through a stairlift parts vendor or if you have warranties or servicing plans, then reach out to them, and they can help replace the stairlift battery.