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All reliable stairlift companies will hire out or offer reconditioned stairlifts that meet safety requirements entirely. Learn here about refurbished stairlift prices and reconditioned stairlift installation.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2024

1 Minute Breakdown For Reconditioned Stairlifts

Welcome to our Reconditioned Stairlifts Guide! Unlock affordability without compromising quality. Explore the advantages of reconditioned stairlifts, understanding the cost savings and the meticulous refurbishment process. Make an informed choice to achieve enhanced mobility within budget as we shed light on the benefits of these reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Reconditoned Stairlift Key Information

  • Reconditioned Stairlifts offer a cost-effective solution for those seeking affordability without compromising safety, as they are equipped with upgraded parts and often come with warranties.
  • The price gap between New and Reconditioned Stairlifts is significant, with the latter being generally cheaper; buyers should explore these options based on their budget and mobility needs.
  • Choosing a reputable stairlift company is crucial when considering Reconditioned Stairlifts, ensuring the units meet safety standards, undergo thorough testing, and may come with warranties for added peace of mind.

Should I Buy A Reconditioned Stairlift, And Are They Worth The Cost?

Reconditioned stairlifts have the same warranty as new ones. As a result, the buyer will often choose between a one-year guarantee and a more extended warranty. This is particularly true when it comes to technical problems with stairlifts.

The cost of modern stairlifts has dropped significantly in recent years. It is also easy to implement a new model that will cost less than two years ago for the same quality.

As a consequence, there are many outstanding restored stairlifts on the market.

There are many different types of stairlifts that you can get. You can get curved stairlifts or straight stairlifts. Outdoor stairlifts are also accessible.

What Is Different About A Reconditioned Stairlift And A New Stairlift?

Competent stairlift suppliers can always maintain the reliability of their newly installed or refurbished stairlifts. Damaged parts on reconditioned stairlifts will be replaced or withdrawn.

There will be new cables, rollers, and an inspection of everything.

As a result, the customer feels ultimately at peace. Technical and health requirements must be improved when required, and all goods must be protected by British safety legislation. They must check and check again.

Skilled mechanics will install a restored stairlift—a reconditioned stairlift for sale. Or rented stairlift can be a relatively cost-effective choice for any family member suffering from acute or long-term mobility problems. You are secure. You are now liberated. The client’s representative would be able to answer any concerns you might have during your home tour.

Dos and Don’ts for Reconditioned Stairlifts


  • Verify Supplier Reputation: Choose a reputable supplier with a track record of providing reliable reconditioned stairlifts and excellent customer service.
  • Ask for Detailed Inspection Records: Request detailed records of the inspection and refurbishment process to ensure the reconditioned stairlift meets safety and performance standards.
  • Check Warranty Coverage: Ensure that the reconditioned stairlift has a warranty covering both the equipment and its refurbished components.
  • Consider Customization Needs: If necessary, inquire about customisation options to adapt the reconditioned stairlift to your specific staircase requirements.
  • Ask for Customer References: Request references from previous customers who have purchased reconditioned stairlifts from the supplier to gauge satisfaction and reliability.
  • Understand Return Policies: Familiarize yourself with the supplier’s return policies if the reconditioned stairlift fails to meet your expectations or encounters issues.


  • Overlook Inspection Records: Only purchase reconditioned stairlifts with thorough inspection records. A lack of documentation may indicate an unreliable refurbishment process.
  • Ignore Warranty Terms: Pay attention to the warranty terms. Ensure the reconditioned stairlift has a reasonable warranty period to cover potential issues.
  • Assume Universality: Not all reconditioned stairlifts are suitable for every staircase. Don’t assume universal compatibility; check if the model fits your staircase design.
  • Neglect Installation by Professionals: Only attempt to install a reconditioned stairlift with professional assistance. Professional installation ensures safety and proper functionality.
  • Disregard Future Compatibility: Consider potential changes in mobility needs. Remember to consider the future compatibility of the reconditioned stairlift with any evolving requirements.
  • Forget to Inquire about Additional Costs: Inquire about any potential additional costs associated with installation, maintenance, or specific accessories for the reconditioned stairlift.

When considering reconditioned stairlifts, prioritise thorough inspections, supplier reputation, and warranty coverage to ensure a reliable and cost-effective mobility solution.

How Much Are Reconditioned Stairlifts To Buy In The UK?

Refurbished stairlifts are ideal if you want significantly lower costs. Newer models are more expensive, but buying a used stairlift can be better. A few issues can emerge if you do not do it correctly the first time, particularly if you want a stairlift. Here we will look at how many reconditioned stairlifts are.

It is not unprecedented for stairlift rates to exceed expectations. You can also find out whether you are qualified for the stairlift grant. To summarise, the expense of a refurbished stairlift is impossible to determine without specialised assistance.

The stairlift would satisfy the requirements. However, a general question arises as to whether there is a disparity between new and used remodelled stairlift prices. Considerable savings will also be made for those who wish to invest in a remodelled stairlift.

New Vs Reconditioned Stairlifts Debate For The UK

New Vs reconditioned stairlifts is a common question we get. To an extent, each is preferable. It is also less expensive, but the measurement is important.

People will become more liberated due to the construction of a stairlift.

Do you opt for a new stair lift or a remodelled one? A variety of modern stairlifts are affordable. But prospective buyers will be shocked to hear that several UK stairlift companies are still offering refurbished stairlifts, which can be substantially cheaper.

Picking The Right Stairlift Company Can Be Hard.

Many stairlift companies, such as Age UK Stairlifts, are for modern stairlifts for sale in the United Kingdom. They all deliver excellent, durable and secure goods.  Stairlift prices do range.

Returning to the topic, what is the gap between new and reconditioned stairlifts?

To summarise, this would not tyre out the system or affect overall results.

Refurbished Stairlift Prices Do Range

New Vs refurbished stairlifts – Reconditioned stairlifts are usually cheaper and come with upgraded parts. It is very unusual for a remodelled stairlift to be the same as the height of a new lift.

Check to see whether they have a guarantee on used stairlifts as well. This would take care of any bugs. It will need a scheduled maintenance check at least once a year.

Both design factors must be factored into the construction of stairlifts, regardless of age. As you might have seen, all buildings have the exact dimensions, and angled stair rails are not typically standard.

Suppose you want to rent a stairlift for more than a few months. If you have had a stairlift longer than a few months, it can sometimes work out the most cost-effective to buy a reconditioned stairlift. Get a quote on a second-hand stairlift.

What Is The Average Cost Of Reconditioned Stairlifts In The UK?

The price varies according to the type used and the number of steps, predicting a current stairlift price. A typical standard straight stairlift can surprisingly reduce the costs of travel. Adding stairs to the house will likely cost an increase of £5,000 and may have cost up to £3,500.

Besides the installation cost of stairs, the user should pay attention. People on budgets might consider the use of stairs and stairlifts as one example of this. Restored stairs require higher pricing. This helps people with more extended floors find a cheap stairlift or increase their productivity at home by using a stairlift.

Straight And Curved Stairlift 

Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts

A curved stairlift is much harder to buy as curved stairlifts are custom-made to fit the person’s stairs. This is because they have to be unique to fit the curved stairs. Unlike straight reconditioned stairlifts, it is much harder to find reconditioned, curved stairlifts to fit your stairs. 

Reconditioned Straight Stairlifts

A straight stairlift is very common, and easy to buy reconditioned stairlifts as they are all standard and are very common, and you can find one to fit your needs. Search the market to find reconditioned models and see which fits your needs. Straight reconditioned stairlifts are an excellent solution for people who need mobility aids to move around their homes.

Can I Sell My Used Stairlift?

After re-using stairlifts, there will still be opportunities for sale for your lift. In addition, its resale costs are modest. Old stairlifts usually are bought for a small amount in value. Often it just covers the removal fee and a bit more. Straight stairs are generally more accessible than curved stairlifts because that’s their model.

If this stairlift is newer, you can sell it, assuming its operating condition stays the same. 

Always Check The Warranty Of A Reconditioned Stairlift

In the ideal case, such warranties are valid for up to 1 year after installation and will cover performance-related anything and will negatively affect ordinary operations. But that doesn’t happen. Check the warranties and mention the exemptions.

Make sure that critical equipment and machinery are always inspected or replaced. This way, you should keep your machinery in good order, guarantee good performance and avoid dangerous scenarios.

Are Reconditioned Stairlifts Fully Tested?

When you buy a fully refurbished stairlift, you must check that it meets all the safety features. You should check that it meets the quality assurance that they promise.

How Much Does Running Reconditioned Stairlift Cost?

Most stairlifts use batteries that recharge the batteries during the stairlift application. Consequently, energy prices are low.

Sometimes older staircase stair lift parts need repairs. The warranty on stairlifts is currently not valid. However, they will cover the costs associated with this.

What Makes A Good Reconditioned Stairlift?

When a stairlift can help ease the pressure to choose an alternative solution, be careful when selecting your choice based on your requirements.

There are many choices, and finding the best stairlift in the market can be intimidating. List some valuable considerations for buyers of refurbished stairlifts.

What Are The Benefits Of A Refurbished Stairlift?

Reconditioned stairlifts tend to remain in excellent functional condition since they show minimal wear. They’ll remain like-new if you look after them well. Refurbished stairlifts can cost much less than new ones, saving you money.

Should I Buy A Refurbished Stairlift?

Reconditioned stairlifts are significant savings opportunities. There are also scarce differences between new stairlift quality and existing ones. However, this used version with a stairlift can easily get used as a replacement or in excellent condition.

You should repair any problem involving certified stairlifts by certified stairlift technicians with proper equipment. It’s always best practice not to rent or buy stairlifts from uncertified companies.

Can I Rent A Reconditioned Stairlift?

Several companies supply rental stairlifts and stairlift systems. This could be cheaper for people using stairlifts only in temporary residences, e.g. those recovering from surgery.

Does Anybody Buy Reconditioned Stairlifts?

Many people have sought to find used stairlifts because they usually cost less than buying new ones. When using old stairs, they provide cost-efficient solutions.

Reconditioned Stairlift Installation

Used stairlifts can be installed quickly and easily. A reconditioned stair lift is installed just like a new one and will be tested rigorously. Fully reconditioned second hand stairlifts should have the relevant tests done both before and then after they have been installed and should meet all the safety requirements just at a lower price. 

Reconditioned FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Reconditioned Stairlifts.

How Much Is A Reconditioned Stairlift

The price of a brand new curved stairlift may be upwards of £5,000, whereas the cost of a brand new straight stairlift is around £3,000. However, a reconditioned stairlift may be cheaper than a brand new one. The stairlift installation fees are not included in the total.

Are Reconditioned Stairlifts Safe?

Despite their age and previous use, reconditioned stairlifts are fully functional and provide significant cost savings over their brand-new counterparts.

Can You Claim Back VAT On Reconditioned Stairlifts?

No amount of value-added tax may be refunded for services related to a stairlift, including maintenance and repairs.

Does The Disability Facilities Grant Use Reconditioned Stairlifts?

The disability facilities grant can sometimes be used for a reconditioned stairlift. This all depends on your council’s terms and if you are buying from licensed stairs.

Are Reconditioned Stairlifts Any Good?

When looking for the best value, there is no better choice than a refurbished stairlift. They will obtain an excellent stair lift at a reduced cost.