Age UK Stairlifts Review

Age UK sells stairlifts that bring together some of the highest quality. Also, the most innovative design work undertaken across the industry. Age UK is one of the largest charities in the UK.


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Age UK Stairlifts Key Information

  • Age UK Stairlifts, associated with one of the largest charities in the UK, stands out for its high build quality, innovative design, and a range of features, offering both safety and flexibility in use. Featuring stylish designs available in various colors, Age UK Stairlifts provides durable and resilient units, ensuring safety through carefully designed features such as adjustable seats, remote controls, and safety sensors.
  • The company offers competitive prices, often with a price match guarantee, making their stairlifts an affordable and reliable choice. With a focus on customer service, Age UK Stairlifts provides a positive experience, backed by excellent reviews and a commitment to charity work.

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

Identifying the best manufacturers and providers in a crowded UK stairlift market can take time and effort. There are several different criteria that you can use to assess whether a particular stairlift brand is suitable or not.

For example, the quality of the build and the overall design of the stairlift itself and the tracks that it runs on. Here we will look into Age UK stairlifts and what they offer.

The best stairlift for any individual will depend on their exact circumstances and specific needs. A health or social worker will advise you on any features you need to look for. They will be able to direct you to suitable providers.

Age UK Stairlifts Style And Design

One of the most common anxieties patients have when looking for a stairlift to install in their homes is whether the system they choose will look good. With Age UK stairlifts, you can handle how the system will look.

This is because they are among the most stylish on the market and their a range of designs. That means they offer something which will fit in with the aesthetic of any room.

As well as using materials designed to give the chair a subtle yet effective texture. Age UK Stairlifts also come in a range of colours to help them blend into the background of any room they are installed in.

Stairlifts Age UK Build Quality

The build quality is one of the most impressive aspects of Age UK Stairlifts. Every unit is constructed from the best materials available and is built to last. The build quality of stairlifts and the tracks they run on are paramount for several reasons.

There is an evident and prominent issue of safety. Users of stairlifts tend to be older adults with pre-existing health issues. A poorly constructed system can, therefore, throw up several safety issues.

Fortunately, Age UK stairlifts feature the very best build quality and resilience. When you buy a stairlift from Age UK, whether you choose a straight stairlift or one of Age UK’s curved stairlifts, you can buy it with confidence. Also, a guarantee of receiving one of the best products on the market.

Age UK Stairlifts Features

Age UK stairlifts come with all the features you expect from a modern stairlift system. These include an adjustable perch seat and operating shutdown switches to ensure maximum safety.

The manual swivel seat isn’t just adjustable; it is very flexible. So much so that you can buy with the confidence that any Age UK stairlift will suit the recipient. Again, adequately adjusting the manual swivel seat isn’t just an issue of comfort; it is an important safety consideration.

Age UK Stairlift Costs

Another important consideration when selecting a stairlift system, especially for elderly relatives, is the stairlift cost. For those who need them, stairlifts are an unavoidable expense. Of course, you want to buy the best unit available. But you will want to do so at the most reasonable price possible.

With Age UK, you will find the best prices, reasonable or better than the competition. Yet, they offer a product that puts most other stairlift manufacturers to shame. Sometimes they may offer a price match guarantee.

Age UK Stairlifts Safety And Usability

These are the most significant considerations when choosing a new stairlift system. How safe is it, and how easy is it to use? You would expect any stairlift system to keep the user safe. But it also needs to be simple to use and operate.

The stairlifts supplied by Age UK tick both boxes. They offer safety through their excellent design and the implementation of crucial safety-related features.

A paddle switch is used to operate the stairlift. They require only a tiny amount of force to work. These switches are strategically placed to ensure the user can access the control when needed.

The controller is designed to be distinctive so that the operator can locate and use it. Attention is given to the design and implementation of safety. Failsafe features exemplify the care for detail and the importance of the user experience.

For users with a limited range of motion, you can adjust the positioning of switches according to individual needs. You can change most aspects of the stairlifts and the tracks they run on. You can also customise them to suit the individual and their home.

Among the other safety features included with Age UK stairlifts, there is a remote control allowing the user to call the stairlift remotely if needed. You can also use the remote control to stop the stairlift while in motion.

The whole unit has also been designed to offer plenty of grips. This is so that users don’t slip if they lean at any point on the unit. Some stairlifts may come with safety sensors.

Age UK Stairlifts Customer Service

This is the other critical piece of the puzzle, alongside the safety and usability of the device. If anything goes wrong, you can promptly call upon the customer service team to rectify any issues for you.

If you or a loved one needs a new stairlift, look no further than Age UK. Their products embody the very best design principles found throughout the industry. While competing against many stairlift companies, they have excellent stairlift reviews and a great customer experience.

Selling a Stairlift Brought From Age UK

When you buy a stairlift from Age UK, it is a Handicare stairlift model you are buying. This means when it comes to selling a stairlift, you should be looking at the Handicare stairlift market for a price gauge on how much you can get for your stairlift. This is because Age UK charity work with Handicare Accessibility Limited.

Age UK Stairlifts FAQs

Are Age UK stairlifts any good?

Handicare stairlifts are trusted and well-liked since they are built to European and British safety requirements. A partnership with Handicare has allowed Age UK to expand the selection of high-quality items available to its clients.

Cost Of Age UK Stairlifts

The cost of age UK stairlifts is in line with the market average and ranges from £1,000 to £5,000. This all depends on your type of stairlift, such as a straight or curved stairlift.

How Does Age UK Stairlifts Work?

Age UK stairlifts work just like any other stairlift. They use a controller that allows you to move the stairlift up and down your stairs.

How Long Do Age UK Stairlift Batteries Last

A stairlift’s typical battery life is between two and five years.

Where Can I Sell My Age UK Stairlift?

You can sell your Age UK (Handicare) stairlift by getting a stairlift quote on Stairlift Guru®

Where To Buy Age UK Stairlift Batteries

You can find Age UK (Handicare) stairlift batteries through a stairlift parts vendor or if you have warranties or servicing plans, then reach out to them, and they can help replace the stairlift battery.