Frequently Asked Questions About Stairlifts

If you are planning to get a stairlift installed, the chances are that you have some questions you want to answer before you make a purchase. To save you the pain of actually finding someone who can answer all those questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions about stairlifts people have about stairlifts, along with the answers.


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Last Updated on November 29, 2022

There are so many concerns that people have regarding owning a stairlift. There are lots of questions about the stairlift installation process. A stairlift will also become part of someone’s house. There would still be concerns about the stairlift and the possibility of losing the place’s appearance and feel. With all the questions we get about the stairlift installation process below.

Stairlift FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on stairlifts.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of A Stairlift?

Insurance won’t likely cover the costs, but you should check with your insurance company to be sure. Some insurance providers might include at least a portion of the expenses under certain situations.

Will The Stairlift Be Compatible With My Stairs?

It is a legitimate question. The only way to be sure is to ask the company to pay a visit to your home for an appraisal. Top stairlift companies such as Companion Stairlifts can offer free inspection and quotations, with zero obligation to buy the stairlift. Do make use of that opportunity and give them a call. You can fit almost all stairs with stairlifts, even curved or uneven.

What Are The Different Types Of Stairlifts?

Stairlifts are either designed for straight or curved stairs. But depending on the company, their models could have minor differences. The size of the chair will be different.

What If There’s A Power Outage When Using A Stairlift?

Although it should come by default if you buy a stairlift from a reputed manufacturer, always ask to ensure that your unit comes with a backup battery. Just in case there’s a power outage as long as it is charged. You can expect up to 50 or more round trips, even when the power is out.

How Much Will It Cost Me For A Stairlift?

Stairlift prices would be impossible to estimate what you need to pay without an appraisal. As mentioned earlier, make sure to get a trusted stairlift quote.

So, they are the five most frequently asked questions about stairlifts. But, at the end of the day, if you need a stairlift, there’s no point in waiting. Now that you know the answers to most of your questions or how to get them, the only thing left to do is get one installed.

How Is The Stairlift Attached To The Stairs And Stays There?

You’re thinking of installing a stairlift to make your home more usable for your loved one. You may also be concerned with the structural integrity of the staircase furthermore how this transition could result in a loss of room in your home. The stairlift attaches to the stairs. It does, therefore, lift the rail from the stairs. It also aids in reducing stair damage. Braces are connected to the stairs with 2 to 5 screws. This means that neither the tapestry nor the walls are harmed. The stairlifts are attached discreetly to the wall or banner to avoid scuffing or scratching. The whole deployment process is as easy and painless as practicable.

People should always look for a professional or trustworthy stairlift company to mount their stairlift. We do not recommend that people do the stairlift installation independently and install it without a professional.

How Long Would It Take To Get A Stairlift Installed In My Home?

It’s a simple procedure that should only take four hours if a professional instals the stairlift alternative. You will understand how to use the stairlift, clean it properly, and maintain it. You’re not worried when they leave.

Will A Stairlift Damage My Stairs Carpet And Wall That It Is Attached To?

Since it keeps the same route over the tapestry on your stairs, the stairlift does not hurt it. The brackets have a minor diameter with no noticeable gaps. Weight indentation is possible to have on your stairs. Alternatively, if the tapestry has darkened elsewhere, the tapestry under the supports might be a different colour after a stairlift being there for so long. If the tapestry is not old, street threads will become loose and get in the tracks. Please keep this in mind and sometimes check the track to ensure it is clear.

Can A Stairlift Be Installed On Any Type Of Stairs In The Home?

Many stairlifts are available on the market to accompany unusually built stairs. They can be made to custom fit. Other stairs were made more conventional, such as a curved stairlift. The most often asked question is if a lift would be mounted on any stairlift.

If you are uncertain whether a straight stairlift or curved stairlift suits your stairs, the supplier will be more than willing to schedule a home consultation. They can guide the correct configuration for your stairs and make sure you pick the right one.

Should I Get A Stairlift In My House, And Is It Worth Buying?

It is always hard to tell when is the right time to get a stairlift in your or your loved ones’ home as it can be a big decision. This is because stairlift prices can seem relatively high. You might wonder if now is the time to instal a stairlift in your home. We hope that you may have a better understanding of the warning signals after this. Often, how do you know where you need one? So should you get a stairlift installation?

A stairlift transports people up and down the stairs. Motorised domestic stairlifts are straightforward devices that anyone can use. However, whether you have an angled or unusually shaped stairway, they get a little more challenging to instal. Stairlift tracks usually are designed to follow the steps rather than the wall next to the steps, although several variations exist.

How Are Stairlifts Powered?

Many stairlifts use rechargeable batteries that recharge directly from the power source when they run dry and are docked. This means that they will continue to run in the event of a power outage. Many stairlifts get their power from the mains. So it would help if you were assured that you would not be stranded during a power outage.

You have the choice of installing a stairlift if you buy it yourself or from a third party, regardless of your age or physical abilities.

How To Find A Stairlift Company?

The best way to find a stairlift company in the UK is to request a quote through our form, and we will put you in touch with multiple stairlift companies. Or you can use Review Mobility to find stairlift companies near you and see what people say about them.


Who Makes The Best Stairlifts?

There is no one clear leader for stairlifts as each company specialises in different areas. That is why it is best to shop around and speak to multiple companies so you can find the company that can make a stairlift meet your needs.


How Long Do Stairlift Warranties last?

Typically, a new stairlift will come with a guarantee that covers at least a year of use from the manufacturer. One may find firms that provide extended warranties of up to 24 months. Examine the terms of any warranties that are included in the purchase.


How Do You Qualify For A Stairlift?

Anyone can buy a stairlift. If you use the stairlift grant scheme, you only need to qualify for a stairlift.


Will A Stairlift Block My Staircase?

You don’t need to worry about your stairlift blocking your stairs anymore. Their sleek designs now no longer take up the whole stairs. The small compact seats and chairs mean someone can still use the stairs. You can also get narrow stairlifts specially made for narrow stairs.


Are Stairlifts Noisy?

Batteries for stairlifts are low-voltage. Running make a lot less noise than you’d imagine. You’ll hear a loud beep from your stairlift before you begin your descent to warn you and others it is about to move.


How Is The Stairlift Powered?

Either batteries or the mains power the stairlift.


What If My Stairlift Is On The Opposite End Of The Stairs?

If your stairlift is at the top and you’re at the bottom, then you can call the stairlift using the controller at the bottom or top of the stairs. This will bring the stairlift to you.


What If Something Is In The Way Of A Stairlift?

Your stairlift comes with sensors that detect if something is blocking the stairlift. The stairlift will stop and will not proceed until the blockage is cleared.


Are Stairlifts Safe?

Yes, stairlifts are safe for most people to use. You should always check with an expert that the user can use the stairlift safely if they have dementia; it is not recommended. However, when stairlifts are built, they must meet strict European standards.


When Do I Need A Stairlift?

You need a stairlift if you have limited mobility and struggle to climb or descend your stairs in your home on your own.


How Do I Choose The Right Stairlift?

The best way to choose the right stairlift for you is to request a no obligatory stairlift quote and speak directly with an expert, and they will help find you one.


Are My Stairs Suitable?

Most stairs in the UK are suitable for stairlifts. Before you purchase a stairlift, you can request someone to survey your stairs to give you a quote and check if your stairs are right.


Is A Stairlift Difficult To Operate?

A stairlift is an extremely simple device to operate. With minimal buttons, you can use it with ease. Also, after installation, the stairlift engineer will teach you how to use it.


What Happens If My Stairlift Breaks Down?

If you are still under warranty, call the company you have the warranty with, and they will help. If you do not have a warranty, reach out to a stairlift company that conducts stairlift repairs, and they will be able to come and help fix it. You can find one on Review Mobility.


Can You Install A Stairlift Outside?

Yes, you can install stairlifts outside. However, you should only install an outdoor stairlift that has been made to withstand the elements such as rain and not an indoor stairlift.